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How do I achieve the best possible dimming range?

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 12:55PM EST
With most LED rated dimmers, adjustments can be made to the low-end light level to give you the best possible performance. Please note that LED bulbs are not capable of being dimmed below a 10% measured light level, regardless of the control that is used. Dimming range is dependent on the number and types of bulbs on the circuit, the type of dimmer, and the state of the wiring in the building.

How to Adjust Your Dimmer's Dimming Range
    1.    Turn the dimmer on and move the slider down to the bottom.
    2.    Remove the faceplate. Turn the adjustment dial up (clockwise) until the lowest light level is achieved and light output is stable for all the bulbs. Note: If the dial stops, do not continue turning it.
    3.    Turn the dimmer off, then back on to verify that the bulbs turn on.
    4.    If all the bulbs do not turn on, turn the adjustment dial down (counter-clockwise) slightly and repeat step 3.
    5.    Once all the bulbs are dimming properly, install the faceplate again.

Please Note: Because most LED bulbs do not “color shift” as they dim, many perceive the light level to be higher than what it actually is. The dimming range adjustment procedures vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please consult the owner's manual to look up the correct procedure for the specific dimmer you are using.

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